Google Guaranteed Tree Service: Reasons to Hire Them

guaranteed tree service

Every year, our licensed arborists and customer service personnel at Country Trees answer hundreds of questions from curious customers about what makes a Google Guaranteed tree service different from ones without the green checkmark badge.

Some believe that a tree service company backed by Google could offer higher quality tree care, while some think the Google Guaranteed program is a marketing gimmick. As Lake Jackson’s top-rated tree service contractor, our arborists feel that we must outline the pros and cons of the badge in an explainer and tell you whether it costs you more.

What Is the Google Guaranteed Program?

Google receives over 40,000 search queries per second, and billions of small businesses worldwide compete for audience share in its marketplaces. Most of our customers hire us after hearing a good word from a trusted friend or a relative, but they find out about our range of tree services through Google searches. Without online marketing, most small-to-mid-sized and family-owned businesses would fail, losing to big box brands that will take customers for granted without honest competition.

Millions of scammers and unlicensed businesses also use Google to make a quick buck, preying on uninformed consumers in metropolitan areas like Greater Houston, where you can find Lake Jackson. The Google Guaranteed badge is the product of passing a rigorous certification process engineered by in-house Google experts. The search engine uses it as a consumer-centric method to weed out fraudulent services and provide legitimacy to lesser-known local businesses.

Why a Google Guaranteed Checkmark Is a Good Thing

Proof of Legitimacy

Before qualifying for a Google Guaranteed certification, a small business must register to Google Local Service Ads or LSA, which will publicly outline their business hours, contact information, customer reviews, and commercial address.

In-House Verification

After creating an LSA listing, a business must undergo extensive verification and screening procedures. Auditors from Google will verify operating and owner licenses with state governments, check for general liability insurance, and run background checks on executives and employees.

Safer Choices

A Google Guaranteed tree service will never hire an unlicensed arborist or charge you money if an untoward incident occurs at a job site. Caring for trees is a dangerous job, and people can fall from heights, accidentally touch power lines, or get hit by falling branches. A green checkmark gives our customers peace of mind that these incidents do not happen on their property and that they will not shoulder any expense in case an accident does occur.

The Cons of the Google Guarantee Program for Customers

The Google Guarantee program has standards that many small businesses can not clear. For example, it requires business owners to have PPC (pay-per-click) advertising funds and keep a website for more than one year. It also requires a Google Analytics or AdWords subscription and a high conversion rate among website visitors.

So, if you are a business owner and your website is not successful, you might not qualify for a Google Guarantee badge, even if you offer high-quality services. However, in our experience, competent arborists and contractors that provide quality service will naturally attract more customers and earn a checkmark within a year of starting their businesses.

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Country Trees is proud to be a Google Guaranteed tree service, with hundreds of five-star reviews from clients on independent websites, forums, and social media pages. Are you looking for reasons to hire a certified arborist or for more information about the Google Guaranteed program? Contact our customer service team today.

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