Three Reasons Why Trimming a Tree is Important

Trimming a tree can extend its health, longevity, and beauty. When you have trees on your property, knowing when and how to care for them can be challenging. Look to Lake Jackson’s trusted tree service for professional tree care. 

To safeguard your tree’s health, ask for professional help. Improper pruning damages your tree and puts you and your property at risk. Country Tree protects your property without harming the tree for a beautifully landscaped property year-round. 

Without proper pruning, your tree is at risk for disease, overcrowded branches, and unsafe growth patterns. We’ve compiled a list of the benefits of trimming trees and when to call our professionals. 

One: Encourage a Healthy Tree with Trimming

Pruning always harms a tree to an extent, which is why we suggest trimming during the tree’s dormant period. A tree lies dormant during the late fall and early winter. During this time, there is little growth, and the tree stores its excess nutrients. 

Removing dead branches encourages a tree to put its energy towards healthy growth, fruiting, and strengthening its root system. Diseased branches absorb a tree’s energy and hinder it from deterring pests and illness. When you remove these branches, you refocus the tree’s energy on growth. 

Pruning your tree helps with the following symptoms:

  • Yellowing, drooping, or falling leaves
  • Storm damage
  • Insect infestations
  • Rotting branches and bark

Removing damaged branches gives the leaves below access to sunlight and wind, mitigating dampness and allowing the tree to feed itself. Leaves trapped below dying branches are prone to mildewing and wasting the tree’s precious energy. 

Two: Trimming a Tree Protects You and Your Property 

Trees are often close to buildings, power lines, and pathways. They add shade and beauty to your property and oxygen to your home. Because of this proximity, a diseased tree may fall onto a person or building and cause significant damage. 

By calling our professional team, you can maintain your tree’s health without harming yourself or your property. One heavy thunderstorm can force large branches to crash onto your house or car. Remove these branches beforehand and save yourself that damage. 

Trimming a tree makes it safe to be around and play in. Many kids enjoy tree swings and houses, but if the tree is sick, attaching anything to its limbs becomes exceedingly dangerous. Keep your family safe with regular tree trimming. 

Three: Improve the Tree’s Appearance 

A well-manicured tree is a sight to behold. Consistent pruning offers the following:

  • Encourages growth in the right direction 
  • Promotes structural integrity 
  • Enhances its appearance and magnitude 

Our expert arborists will work with your tree’s structure and shape it into a desirable form. Controlling a tree’s growth not only makes it look attractive but also helps your tree perform better. Healthy trees look solid and robust, and with enhanced leaf growth, your tree becomes one of your yard’s main attractions. 

It’s time to prune your trees when you see the following:

  • Lanky limbs
  • Branches growing into or smothering surrounding plants, buildings, and power lines
  • Odd shapes or branches that weaken the tree’s integrity
  • Poor growth or dying branches and leaves

Tree maintenance extends your trees’ lifespan and helps them develop properly. 

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Understanding your tree’s needs promotes better growth and fruiting, ensures its long life, and protects you and your property. Learn about tree nutrients to encourage tree growth further. 

Our tree professionals are here for you, ready to help your trees and answer any questions. If you need help trimming a tree, contact Country Trees LLC at (979) 824-0325 to schedule a consultation in Angleton, TX. 

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