5 Stages of Tree Growth: How Do Trees Grow?

Trees go through stages of growth as they get older, and this is different for each tree depending on the species, environmental conditions, and how well you take care of your tree.

The following post covers the five stages of tree growth. It is an essential guide to how trees grow from Lake Jackson’s tree service providers and covers the seed stage right through until trees reach old age.

Tree Life Cycle: The Complete Growth Stages of Trees


When considering the stages of tree growth, we can’t ignore the seed. Tree seeds are the beginning of a tree’s life cycle. Seeds contain all the genetic information needed for a tree to grow into a full-grown specimen, and when a seed germinates, it grows roots and shoots from its core.


The sprout is the second earliest stage of a tree’s life cycle. It begins when a tiny bud on the branch of a tree grows into a leaf and then develops into a new plant.

The sprout grows from the tree’s roots, already established in the ground. The first leaves are small and round but grow larger as the sprout continues to develop.


The third stage of tree growth is the seedling stage. This part of the stages of tree growth is known as germination.

A tree does not have a set age when it becomes an adult or fully grown tree; instead, it depends on how old the seed was when you planted it. If you plant a seed now and let it grow into an adult tree in 10 years, then it will still be a seedling at that point.


Saplings start growing when planted by people or other organisms, like animals or fungi. They can also develop from seeds that fall to the ground after being dropped from a nearby tree.

Trees in the sapling stage need sunlight and water to survive. They will also need minerals as they grow older because their roots will grow deeper into the soil.

The growth of saplings in the stages of tree growth is prolonged compared to other plants because they aren’t yet mature enough for pollination (which happens when pollen travels from one flower’s stamen to another tree’s female parts).

Mature Tree

The mature tree is the final stage of the tree life cycle. Mature trees are usually between 25 and 50 years old, but some species, such as the oak tree (Quercus spp), can live between 400 and 600 years!

The leaves on mature trees are green, and their bark can have many cracks or holes. The crown is usually large and round, and the branches may be bare in places. Mature trees can also produce fruit, depending on their species.

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