Rotting Tree: Top Causes and Prevention

Beautiful, healthy trees can do wonders for any Pearland, Texas, property. However, rotting trees have the opposite effect and can create safety hazards that put your home and family at risk. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know what causes tree and trunk rot or how to prevent it from overtaking their trees.

That’s why Country Trees put together some common causes of tree rot and a few preventive tips to keep your trees looking their best. 

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Three Causes of Tree Rot in Pearland, Texas

Rot forms on trees for various reasons. Excessive soil moisture can rot tree roots, while disease can form unsightly wood decay on more than one part of the tree. Below are some common causes of rotting trees in Pearland, Texas:

1. Wood Decay Fungi

Trees are vulnerable to several types of fungi that can expedite rot and decay. Most enter through tree wounds and can overtake a tree incredibly quickly, causing excessive rot that significantly reduces the tree’s appearance, health, and overall quality.

Limiting tree damage is the best way to prevent wood decay fungi from taking hold of your tree. Avoid hitting your tree while cutting your grass, and always use proper pruning techniques to reduce harm.

2. Excessive Moisture

Although trees need water to grow and thrive, too much can lead to severe damage and even death. Excessive soil moisture is the leading cause of root rot and will kill the tree if you don’t curb it quickly. 

Always ensure the tree’s soil drains properly, and avoid overwatering your trees. Trees can recover from root rot if you take corrective measures early, so always stop watering as soon as signs arise. Common indications of root rot include:

  • Yellow leaves
  • Wilting
  • Mush stems
  • Stunted growth
  • Foul-smelling soil
  • Reddish brown roots

3. Pests

Several pests can accelerate tree rot and make entry points for wood decay fungi. Many beetles, worms, and insects create holes and fissures within trees that can damage their structure and reduce their disease resistance. Applying pest control treatments early will limit damage and help the tree avoid rot and decay.

The Dangers of Rotting Trees in Pearland

Tree rot does much more than tarnish a tree’s visual appeal. Decaying trees can become dangerous rather quickly and fall on nearby people or property once the rot takes over. This often results in extensive home damage, injuries, and even death in specific situations.

Keeping up with your tree’s maintenance demands is the best way to preserve its health. Maintaining optimal watering practices, addressing pest problems early, and hiring routine tree inspections will keep your trees in tip-top shape, helping your property look its best year-round.

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