Will Broken Branches Kill a Tree in Pearland, TX?

Will broken branches kill a tree? When one of your favorite specimens suffers damage, it’s natural to worry.

As Pearland’s leading arborist, we at Country Trees LLC have seen and addressed countless situations, ranging from minor nicks to severe breaks. Keep reading as we dive deep into the world of arboreal care and help your trees thrive, even after they take a bit of a beating.

will broken branches kill a tree

The Impact of Broken Branches on Trees

Can broken branches harm trees? Unless a large portion of the canopy looks compromised, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Trees are incredibly resilient. Think of them like humans; just as we can heal from a scrape or a cut, so can trees through a natural process called compartmentalization, which seals off the wound to prevent infection and decay from spreading. 

How To Improve Tree Survival With Broken Branches

While you can simply let nature take its course, there are a few measures you can take to give your tree the best chance of recovery:

Haul Away and Dispose of the Debris

While it won’t directly help tree survival with broken branches, removing the fallen branches, twigs, and leaves from around the tree can minimize the spread of pests and disease. 

It also makes the next steps easier and safer for you. The last thing you want while treating your tree is to trip over a pesky branch.

Snip Off the Jagged Portions

Will broken limbs kill a tree? Generally, no, but trees damaged by storms or accidental breaks rarely end up with clean, level wounds. Jagged or uneven spots may hinder healing because they create areas where infections can easily take hold and spread.

Trimming those edges with a sterilized, sharp pair of pruning shears is the trick here. You want to aim for a smooth cut just outside the tree’s branch collar (where the branch meets the trunk). This technique encourages the tree to heal more efficiently.

Address Ripped Bark

Will broken branches kill a tree? Sometimes, the inner portions of the branch remain unaffected, but its bark takes the brunt of the damage. If the bark looks ripped, you’re looking at a potential entry point for disease. 

Carefully use a sharp knife to make the bark edges as smooth and flush as possible with the open wound. You can also remove portions of bark that seem to barely hang on.

Can You “Repair” Broken Branches?

The effects of broken limbs on tree health might cause some folks to wonder, “Can’t I just tape them back together?” Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as fixing a broken vase with glue. In most cases, the tree will only cover up and seal off the damaged area rather than combine the broken edges. 

Some people use grafting tape and find some success with smaller branches. If you really like the way a certain branch looked on your tree, you might consider giving this method a go. The process can take months, so patience is key. 

Avoid the Consequences of Tree Branch Damage by Consulting an Arborist

Will broken branches kill a tree? Every case has unique challenges and outcomes, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Instead of risking your precious tree’s health by guessing what’s best, why not reach out to an expert? 

Our specialists at Country Trees LLC can provide the following:

  • Swift, on-site evaluations
  • Detailed recovery plans tailored to your situation
  • Preventative measures that tackle future environmental challenges and seasonal threats
  • Emergency services and support to handle unforeseen tree-related incidents with ease

Dial 979-824-0325 or read more of our blog, and learn how to reroot a tree branch!

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