How To Stop Tree Roots From Growing Back in Your Pearland, TX, Residence

Did you recently have to remove a tree on your residential or commercial property? Are you left with the tree stump and not sure how to stop tree roots from growing back?

If you’ve already had a good enough reason to remove them once, you’ll have every reason to remove them again. Even if you remove a sick tree, it could still come back unless you eradicate the root system.

Hazardous tree roots could risk spreading infection to nearby trees or burrow into sewer lines and other sensitive areas. Just as you’ll have to physically remove the hazardous tree, you’ll also need to get rid of the roots. 

As a proud provider of highly-rated tree service in Pearland, our team at Country Trees LLC can help you learn how to stop tree roots from growing back.

Apply Herbicide To the Surface Roots

You can very reliably kill plants down to the root using this method. Usually, store-brought herbicides are the quickest way to eradicate tree roots. However, it’s paramount that you only use these herbicides as directed and exercise the utmost caution in doing so.

While they’re effective, herbicides can endanger people, pets, and desirable plants if you aren’t careful. Minimize skin contact with the herbicide by wearing full clothes. Keep other people and pets off the premises until the herbicide has dried, and wash your hands after the fact.

Drill Holes Around Your Tree’s Root System

Using an industrial drill will make it easier to make holes in the tree’s stump or over-ground roots. You can apply vinegar, rock salt, or boiling water into the holes from there. If you’re using vinegar, make sure you spray the leaves and sprouts with the roots.

You might need a month or more to see results with vinegar. If you don’t see results, it might be time to try a different method.

Like vinegar, Epsom salt will take time to poison the roots. Boiling water will most immediately damage and shock the root system, but you might need to wait a few days to see results.

Implementing Ground Covers or Root Barriers

Are roots still stubbornly growing? Root barriers will create physical boundaries, preventing them from reaching sensitive spots and structures. You can make this barrier using durable, resilient materials, including plastic, concrete, or metal.

When installed properly, these barriers can last for the lifespan of the tree’s root system!

Sawing or Shovelling Out the Root System

These are the most “physical” methods of physical removal. Dig and expose the roots with a shovel. From there, you can cut them with a reciprocating saw.

Stubborn Texas Tree Roots Still Won’t Stop Growing? Call Country Trees LLC!

If you’ve already tried the above steps to stop tree roots from growing back or simply want a professional to do it for you, call Country Trees LLC. We know how to stop tree roots from growing back and address an uprooted tree with professional methods that guarantee results. 

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