How Often To Water Newly Planted Trees: Best Practices

It’s no secret that newly planted trees and shrubs need water to thrive and grow strong. They need enough water the first few weeks after planting to ensure they have enough energy to establish a root system and develop leaves. However, if you don’t know how often to water newly planted trees, you could unintentionally damage the plants.

As a leading tree service company in Jackson, TX, Country Trees has ample experience caring for trees during every stage of their development. Below, we explain the best ways to ensure your young trees have the right amounts of water soon after planting. 

Why Is Watering Young Trees Important?

The first few years of a tree’s life are vital for its development. During that time, the plant establishes a root system that anchors it to the ground. Above the soil, the tree’s trunk and branch structure grow and spread, further strengthening the plant. 

A tree’s early growth cycle requires gallons of water to grow new leaves for photosynthesis, energy storage, and health. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for young trees to receive enough water naturally during a dry, hot summer. By knowing how often to water newly planted trees, you can ensure your plants have sufficient moisture to thrive and fend off pests and disease despite the weather. 

Best Practices for Watering Young Trees and Shrubs

There are right and wrong ways to water young trees. It’s not enough to sprinkle a bit of water on the plant’s trunk. Here are some tips to help you care for your newly planted trees and shrubs. 

Water the Tree Before Planting It

You shouldn’t wait until your tree is in the ground to give it water. As soon as you expose a balled and burlapped tree’s roots, water them.

It’s common for the soil around the rootball to become dry and compacted, which prevents it from adequately absorbing moisture from the surrounding soil after planting the tree. Watering the roots before putting them in the ground will make moisture absorption easier. 

Water the Plant Immediately After Putting it in Soil

The rule of thumb about planting trees is that they need water as soon as they go into the ground. For every inch of the tree trunk’s diameter, it should receive two to three gallons of water immediately. 

Know How Much Water To Give the Tree

After planting the tree, you need to know how much water to give it each week. The general rules for young tree watering include:

  • Watering daily for up to two weeks after planting
  • Watering every two or three days for up to 12 weeks after planting
  • Watering weekly after 12 weeks until the roots establish themselves

Remember Where To Apply the Water

Because the new root system won’t immediately spread beneath the dirt, it’s important to water around the rootball instead of applying the moisture too wide around the tree. However, it’s good to keep the backfill soil around the hole moist to encourage the tree’s roots to spread and anchor to the earth. It can take a year for tree roots to grow about 18 inches, so be sure to spread the watering area over time. 

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