Tree Branch Touching Power Line to House: What You Need To Know

Is your tree branch touching the power line to your house? With professional help, you can eliminate your risk of injury or death. Never prune a tree near or touching a power line for your safety.

The professionals at Angleton’s trusted tree service, Country Trees LLC, can help you navigate this dangerous situation. Continue reading to see what you must do and who to call for help.

What Happens When a Tree Branch Makes Contact With Power Lines?

A living tree acts as a conductor of electricity because it contains water. Dead trees may pose less risk, but if water is near or in the tree, it will conduct electricity. Trees that come into contact with power lines can cause several issues, such as the following:

  • Power outages
  • Exploding tree tissue
  • Fires
  • Electrocution to anyone in or near the tree

Even when a branch does not touch the electrical wires, it can cause severe damage. Tree limbs move in the wind, potentially touching a nearby wire. Or electricity can arc onto the tree, causing it to catch fire.

People or animals near a tree with an electrical current can also become conductors, causing severe injury or death. If you have a tree that sits near electric lines, stay at least ten feet away from the tree and the wires.

Can I Prune Tree Limbs Near Electrical Wires?

Never get close to a tree branch touching the power line to your house, regardless of the reason. You may accidentally touch the power line with your saw or equipment or bend a tree branch and create contact.

You must contact a professional team if your tree lies within several feet of an electric wire. Professionals have in-depth knowledge of safety protocols, proper equipment, and effective training to eliminate these risks. A homeowner does not have these things; unfortunately, many people die every year from electrocution during pruning.

Inspect your trees regularly and keep tabs on their location and growth speed; the more you know about your tree, the less you put yourself or your family at risk. Do not allow children to play in or near a tree close to electricity; the power going through these lines will kill a person.

What Should I Do if My Tree Branches Touch Electric Lines?

Contact your electrical company if you see a branch close to or touching a power line. It’s illegal and unsafe to prune trees within ten feet of a power line. Your electrical company will work with a tree trimmer to create a safe environment by cutting off the power.

If you have a branch falling onto your power lines, follow these steps:

  • Remove all children, adults, and pets from the tree’s vicinity because electricity can travel through the ground.
  • Contact your power company and tree trimming company immediately.
  • Wait for help and approval from the companies before you approach.

Keep an eye on the trees in your yard; when a branch gets close, call for help. Ideally, you should not wait until they make contact before requesting service. The trees on your property are your responsibility, but that does not mean you must do the work yourself.

Always assume the poles have live wires; the risks are too great. This job is dangerous to professionals, let alone an average homeowner with little experience.

Contact Our Expert Tree Service Team for Help

If you have a tree branch touching a power line to your house, reach out to our team immediately. We have years of experience trimming trees and stand ready to remove the problem safely. Call Country Trees LLC at 979-824-0325 and request a consultation in Angleton, TX, today. 

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