Should I Trim the Lower Branches of a Young Tree?

Caring for young trees involves a lot. Understandably, many young tree owners are bound to have many questions, one being, “Should I trim the lower branches of a young tree?”

Though many tree owners understand the benefits of trimming mature trees, some might believe trimming a young tree could be harmful. While some pruning cuts can damage a young tree, trimming the tree’s lower branches goes a long way in ensuring its healthy growth.

This post will take a closer look at pruning young trees, explaining its importance and how Angleton’s reliable tree service can help.

Why You Should Trim the Lower Branches of a Young Tree

Do you constantly ask yourself, “Should I trim the lower branches of a young tree?” The short answer is yes. Young trees need help finding their way, especially during their early growth years.

Trimming provides much-needed guidance and prevents young trees from branching out in the wrong direction. Here are some reasons why you should trim the lower branches of a young tree:

Prevent Structural Issues

Though forest trees often have to compete for sunlight, urban trees have access to plenty of it. Young trees happily soak up as much sun as they like, causing multiple branches to grow. These branches compete with each other to become the leading, permanent branch.

Without a defined trunk, the tree could develop costly structural issues in the future.

Increase the Tree’s Overall Strength

The lack of a clearly defined trunk could also cause the tree to lack the central frame it needs to withstand storm damage.

Fortunately, leaving only the desirable branches can increase your young tree’s strength.

Extend the Tree’s Longevity

Young trees can grow naturally without trimming or pruning, though issues like ‘bark on tree falling off‘ can arise if not properly maintained. However, this maintenance task plays a crucial role in enabling your tree to reach its full potential. The better your tree performs, the longer its life.

When Should I Trim My Young Tree?

Besides asking, “Should I trim the lower branches of a young tree?” many tree owners also wonder if there’s a right time to do so.

While there is no wrong time to trim the lower branches of a young tree, your tree will benefit more if you schedule the trimming in mid to late winter.

Trimming or pruning your tree when it is dormant encourages new growth when the warm weather arrives. Furthermore, the lack of leaves allows you to better identify broken branches and limbs that require removal.

Most importantly, trimming your young tree during winter helps you avoid the dangers that come with doing so in other seasons.

Why You Should Avoid Trimming the Tree During Other Seasons

Many tree owners like scheduling tree trimming in the fall. However, doing so during this season can introduce disease. Trimming or pruning during a warm fall day could also encourage new growth, which will be ruined when temperatures drop.

On the other hand, trimming during summer can greatly slow down the tree’s development. However, with a proper form of pruning, you can use this to your advantage.

Professional Tree Trimming

Though trimming a tree can be a DIY job, it is always best to leave the task to licensed arborists. At Country Trees LLC, we have a team with the specialized expertise and vast experience needed to offer professional tree trimming in the area. We know which techniques to implement to achieve favorable results without damaging the tree.

Are you asking yourself, “Should I trim the lower branches of a young tree?” Contact Country Trees LLC at (979) 824-0325 to schedule a consultation and get the professional guidance you need.

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