Bark on Tree Falling Off? Here’s What You Need To Know

Trees can generally tolerate a lot due to their bark. As such, it can be worrying when you notice your tree’s bark peeling off.

Is the bark on your tree falling off? Is this normal, or is it a sign of impending doom? Read on to learn all you need to know about why your tree’s bark has started to fall off and how consulting a certified arborist in Pearland can help.

bark on tree falling off

Peeling Bark Is Normal, Sometimes

Sometimes, your tree will shed its bark as part of its natural growth process. With a young tree, its outside bark usually feels soft and flexible. This allows it to accommodate the early growth process without splitting.

However, since an older tree will have a harder bark, you will often find cracks and splits as it grows. Sometimes, the bark will peel off entirely in a process we call exfoliation.

While extreme heat or cold can make the splitting seem severe, a healthy tree will repair these damaged areas after a while.

When To Worry About the Shed Bark

As normal as it is for trees to shed their bark, some situations can point to a decline in your tree’s health. If you notice the bark on your tree falling off under the following circumstances, you should take action as soon as possible.

After Sunny Spells in Late Winter

Trees go into dormancy during winter to conserve their energy. However, it isn’t an exact science.

The warm afternoon sun that comes out in late winter can sometimes trick your tree into breaking dormancy. At night, when temperatures drop, the awakened tissue dies and leaves behind unsightly scars on the trunk. These scars eventually start peeling, leaving your tree quite vulnerable.

With Signs of Infestation

Pests can quickly weaken your tree, causing it to shed its bark in the process. If the shedding occurs simultaneously with the following signs, you probably have an infestation on your hands:

  • Dead branches
  • Discolored leaves
  • Cracks on tree trunks
  • Unusual dripping or oozing sap
  • Sawdust

If You Notice Cankers and Fungal Infections

Besides pests and extreme temperatures, your tree remains vulnerable to various diseases. While several diseases could attack your tree, the most common include fungal infections and cankers.

These diseases infect a tree’s inner layer, causing the tree bark to shrivel and fall off the trunk. Though such conditions threaten your tree’s life, you can still remedy the situation if you catch them early and act quickly.

What To Do When the Bark on Your Tree Is Falling Off

The action to take when you notice the bark on a tree falling off greatly varies. For instance, if your tree sheds its bark naturally and looks healthy, you might not need to take any action. However, if the shedding isn’t natural, start by looking for other worrying symptoms.

Have you been unable to find other symptoms? Then, the bark falling off likely stems from stress. In such a case, you can address the situation by watering the tree and applying organic mulches.

Without the proper knowledge, getting to the bottom of your tree’s peeling bark will be challenging. As such, we always recommend turning to the expertise of certified arborists.

Professional Tree Services in Pearland, TX

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