Does Tree Bark Grow Back in Pearland, TX?

Tree bark is the outermost layer that covers the entire plant. Sometimes external damage or disease can cause the bark to break off, exposing the inner tissues of the tree. Does tree bark grow back when this happens?

County Trees LLC is an experienced arborist in Pearland, Texas with nearly 15 years of experience servicing trees throughout the community. Here, our team discusses bark restoration on trees and how to help trees heal from moderate damage. 

does tree bark grow back

The Purpose of Tree Bark

Tree bark is essentially the plant’s skin or its outermost protective layer. It shields the tree’s phloem—the internal layer of tissues under the bark—from damage, exposure to harsh environments, pests, and more.

Tree bark also ensures the plant retains enough moisture and nutrients to sustain healthy growth. The phloem transports nutrients and oxygen to each part of the tree, so the bark is essential protection for all the plant’s internal workings. 

The Possibility of Regrowth of Tree Bark

Healing tree bark naturally is possible depending on the scope and severity of its damage. Trees will shed and replace small bits of bark as they grow, but they won’t survive major bark loss. 

The missing bark can’t protect the tree’s internal tissues long enough for the wounds to heal. Though trees technically can’t regrow missing bark, they’ll recover from minor bark damage by forming a callus over the wound. As long as the tree has significant bark loss, it will be vulnerable to other problems like insect infestations and fungal growth. 

How to Foster Bark Regeneration in Trees

The most straightforward answer to “Does tree bark grow back?” is sometimes, but it depends. You can help the bark renewal process move along and promote healthy tree growth by following these tips. 

Carefully Cut the Wound

You must assess the damage before doing anything to help a tree recover from bark damage. Wounds over 25% of its diameter will need professional grafting. For a smaller wound, you can make strategic cuts around the jagged bark to ensure the damaged bark is flush against the exposed tree tissues. 

Bark tracing or cutting around wounds will help the tree heal its damage faster. You must be careful not to cut into its phloem. A full ring of missing bark is a severe injury that the tree might struggle to heal. 

Protect the Tree

Using lawn equipment too close to trees can damage their bark. To protect your trees, install a ground cover around them or surround the base of the tree with mulch. Mulching is a better option because it will create a distinct barrier between the tree and the lawn equipment, and it’ll help the soil retain moisture for the tree. 

Contact a Local Arborist

The best way to ensure bark repair in trees is to contact a skilled arborist. These professionals have years of training and hands-on experience assessing, diagnosing, and treating tree bark damage. Unfortunately, many at-home methods for treating tree bark damage can hurt the tree more, so professional guidance is always a good idea. 

Reach Out to Country Trees LLC for More Help

The short answer to “Does tree bark grow back?” is yes, but bark repair in trees often needs a helping hand from knowledgeable tree care experts. At Country Trees LLC in Pearland, Texas, our crew offers a wide range of services including arborist consultations, tree fertilizing, and emergency tree care services. 

We provide the best quality tree care services to customers throughout the area. Whether the bark on trees is falling off or branches are encroaching on unwanted areas, we have the right tools, skills, and solutions to remedy the problem. Call (979) 824-0325 to request a free estimate from our licensed company. 

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