How To Straighten a Leaning Tree in Pearland, TX?

Knowing how to straighten a leaning tree will benefit you after a hurricane or other severe storm hits. Heavy wind and rain can do a number on trees. If they’re knocked down and not put back up, they begin growing at a lean. It’s not a huge deal in open areas, but they can cause damage when they lean too close to buildings, wires, and fences.

Young trees don’t require much effort to put back into place, so you can easily handle those on your own or with a buddy. For mature trees, however, you’ll want to contact the Country Trees tree service in Pearland. Mature trees can be risky to move and may break in half during the moving process, giving you more problems than you started with.

What Makes a Tree Lean

A tree might lean for several reasons, the biggest one being due to weather. The strong rain and winds of a hurricane can make even the sturdiest trees lean.

Environmental pressures are worsened if the tree is planted poorly from the start. Shallow or damaged roots, angled planting, or sandy soils can make them lean.

Over time, diseases, changes in the soil, or a weakened root system can make a formerly healthy and straight tree begin to lean. Take good care of your trees to avoid future problems.

Straightening Leaning Trees

Correcting a leaning tree can be a one-person job or require an entire team. If you don’t know anything about how to straighten a leaning tree, you’re better off starting with the professionals to avoid mishaps.

How To Straighten a Young Tree

Young trees will be the easiest to handle as a DIY project because they haven’t had enough time to develop strong roots. You will need:

  • Metal or wood stakes measuring 2 feet or longer
  • A hammer or mallet
  • Tree staking straps or twine
  • Safety gear such as gloves and protective shoes

To straighten the tree:

  • Set up the stakes: Hammer the stakes into the ground at an angle to bury at least 1 foot of the stake.
  • Push the tree: Push the tree into a standing position. Water the soil to loosen the roots as needed.
  • Tie the tree: Use twine or straps to tie the tree to the stakes. Pro tip: use part of a garden hose on the side of the tree to prevent bark from coming off.

How To Straighten Mature Trees

You can straighten a large tree with a similar process, but it requires more effort. You’ll need the same tools as with young trees, but choose 5-to-8-foot stakes and a sledgehammer. You may also need a shovel and a hard hat for precarious situations, all of which are available at the hardware store.

  • Hammer in the stakes: Avoid the roots at all costs and hammer the stakes in at an angle.
  • Align the tree: Push the tree into an upright position. Several people may be required for this part.
  • Secure the tree: Use straps or cables to keep the tree in place.

Know When To Call the Professionals

Getting a tree to stand up straight is a tough job. Call the professionals if:

  • You pulled the tree into place but it wouldn’t stay.
  • You couldn’t move the tree at all.
  • The tree is at risk of falling.
  • You damaged the roots.

Call Your Local Tree Professionals Today

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