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Tree Care Services in Rosharon, TX

If you’re looking for tree care services in Rosharon, TX, look no further than Country Trees LLC. Our skilled professionals are prepared to cater to all your tree trimming and removal needs. Call (979) 824-0325 now!

Trees are an essential part of the landscape, providing shade, beauty, and habitat for wildlife. However, trees also require regular care to stay healthy and safe. That’s where tree care services come in.

A tree service company can ensure your lawn or garden is looking its best by providing expert tree trimming and removal services. Professional arborists are trained to identify and address potential problems with trees, such as disease, pests, or structural damage. They can also provide you with guidance on how to best care for your trees.

Country Tree LLC provides professional tree services to make your trees more beautiful, healthy, and safe. We have a team of skilled arborists who can provide you with the following services:

Tree Trimming & Pruning in Rosharon, TX

Overgrown trees can be a hazard to your property and the people who live or work nearby. Tree trimming and pruning can help keep your trees healthy and looking their best. It can prevent potential problems, such as damage to buildings or power lines. Having your trees trimmed helps sunlight and air reach the grass and other plants beneath them, promoting growth. Tree pruning can also help to shape the tree and control its size.

Tree Removal in Rosharon, TX

There are many reasons why you might need to remove a tree from your property, such as if it’s diseased, dying, or posing a safety hazard. Tree removal is a dangerous job, however, and should only be attempted by trained professionals. Tree removal typically requires the use of specialized equipment, such as a crane or bucket truck. Stump removal is also available to ensure your property is completely free of the tree.

Emergency Tree Services in Rosharon, TX

Emergencies can arise at any time, and often when you least expect them. If a tree falls on your property, it can cause extensive damage to your home or business. It can also be a hazard to people and animals nearby. Tree removal in these cases is essential, but it’s also important to call a company that offers emergency tree services. This way, you can be sure that the job will be done quickly and safely.

Tree Fertilizing in Rosharon, TX

Everyone wants healthy trees in their yard, but sometimes they need a little help to reach their full potential. Tree fertilization can give them the nutrients they need to stay strong and healthy. It can also help improve the tree’s resistance to disease and pests. DIY fertilization is not recommended, as it can be difficult to get the right mixture of nutrients. Tree care professionals will have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your trees are getting the right nutrition.

Arborist Consultations in Rosharon, TX

If you’re not sure how to care for the trees on your property, or you’re concerned about a particular tree, you can schedule an arborist consultation. During the consultation, the arborist will assess the condition of the tree and provide you with recommendations on how to best care for it. They can also answer any questions you have about tree care.

Cabling and Bracing in Rosharon, TX

Cabling and bracing are two methods used to support trees that are at risk of falling. Cabling involves installing cables or rods to help support the weight of the tree. Bracing involves installing wooden or metal supports to help hold the tree in place. These methods are often used on trees that have weak branches or are at risk of being damaged by high winds.

No matter what you need, Country Tree LLC is here to help. We will perform a thorough inspection and develop a personalized lawn care plan that meets your needs and budget.

Country Trees LLC Can Make Your Tree Dreams Come True

We are known for our customer service and our ability to take on any tree care challenge in the tree care industry, no matter how big or small. Our certified arborists will ensure that your trees are given the best possible care.

When it comes to tree care companies you can trust, Country Tree LLC is the name you can count on. We’ve been in business for years and have a long history of satisfied customers. Contact us today at (979) 824-0325 to see what we can do for you!

  • They showed up and got started quickly making easy work and professionally done clean my yard well recommended gladly use them again 👍

    Luis Munoz Avatar Luis Munoz
    August 16, 2021

    A+ service! Josh and his crew are professional, safe and knowledgeable. I highly recommend and will only call Country Trees for any tree issue in the future!

    Coastal Okie Avatar Coastal Okie
    August 16, 2021

    I asked him to come over and trim my tree out in the front yard due to it over grown and touching my chimney and house. He came over with... read more

    Steven Snyder Avatar Steven Snyder
    August 16, 2020
  • Called Josh for an estimate, he came out and was very honest and ultimately had his crew trim two palm trees, three oaks and a magnolia tree. My trees look... read more

    Mark Jampson Avatar Mark Jampson
    January 16, 2022

    They removed a hug oak tree over my house and did an amazing job. super good price and it was a lot of fun watching them. highly recommend!

    sara holbrok Avatar sara holbrok
    January 16, 2022

    This company was fantastic! I had a very large dead tree close to my house that I needed removed asap as it was dropping large limbs every storm. I got... read more

    krisybelle 21 Avatar krisybelle 21
    June 16, 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your tree-related questions!

What is the cost of tree removal in Rosharon, TX?

The cost of tree removal in Rosharon, TX can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the tree, its location, and the complexity of the job. On average, the cost can range from $300 to $2,500.

Is it necessary to obtain a permit before removing a tree in Rosharon, TX?

Is it necessary to obtain a permit before removing a tree in Angleton, TX

What kind of services do tree service companies offer in Rosharon, TX?

What kind of services do tree service companies offer in Angleton, TX?

Can you provide references or reviews of your previous work?

Yes, reputable tree service companies in Angleton, TX should be able to provide references or reviews of their previous work upon request.

How often should I have my trees inspected by a professional in Rosharon, TX?

It’s recommended to have your trees inspected by a professional at least once a year in Rosharon, TX. This can help identify potential problems early on and prevent them from becoming more serious and costly to address later.

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